I ended up on an unexpected ski holiday last week. My niece was sadly unwell, and the trip was already paid for, so my brother invited me along. I did three ski seasons when I was much younger, but this was the first time I’d been for twenty years, so I was understandably a little rusty. There wasn’t a great deal of visibility for photos, it was mostly cloudy or snowing. It was also quite a large pain carrying the big camera around on the slopes, so I just took it up the once. I was a little disappointed not to come back with better photos, but unlike trips at ground level, I’d really have had to devote a day to just taking photos rather than skiing, so I mostly left the camera indoors.

Megève was amazingly pretty, and amazingly expensive. Beer was 14€ a pint in the live music bar near the hotel! It was fantastic for learning to ski though, lots of wide open well-groomed pistes with plenty of much-needed room to keep my speed under control.

The hotel was lovely, though I embarrassed myself by speaking very bad French to the breakfast waitress for four days before discovering she was from Hull!

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