Preparation For Your Shoot

Some helpful hints to get the best out of your day

Preparation For Your Boudoir or Glamour Shoot

To make the most of your glamour portfolio or boudoir photoshoot, it’s important to know exactly what you want out of it. People book photoshoots for many different reasons – for work, for fun, for a gift for a lover, to boost confidence, to show a different side of themselves. Have a look at the following questions, and help me come up with a photoshoot perfectly tailored to your needs, either by email, phone, or you’re welcome to come and see the studio in advance and we can plan in person.
  1. What is your reason for shooting? How will you use the photos eg digital only, prints, wall art, album?
  2. What do you love about yourself? Why?
  3. What aspects of your personality would you like to get across? It’s quite common for people to want to show a side of themself that others don’t normally see, or to show something that doesn’t normally come across in photos.
  4. Are there any classic photos you’d like to recreate? Have a look at my site, but also the internet and magazines for inspiration to find photos that speak to you. Knowing what type of photographs you find beautiful, sensual and interesting really helps with the styling of the shoot.
  5. What would you like to wear? Do you have favourite outfits you’d like to be seen in – a glamorous dress, beautiful lingerie or a more classic outfit? Are there any favourite things  – jewellery, accessories, props, keepsakes – we could use that mean something to you? Or that help show your personality? See the Outfits section below for some tips. How much of yourself do you want to show?
  6. How would you like your hair and make-up? My team of experts will make suggestions as to what suits you on the day, but if there’s a particular look from a photo or magazine you’d like to recreate, please send it to me or bring it with you.


While I’ll give you all the guidance you need on the day, it’s a great idea to try posing in front of a mirror. You’ll feel more confident on your boudoir shoot if you already know what you’re doing and what works for you, and you’ll get the shots more quickly so we can get more done. You’re probably reading this and thinking you might be self-conscious posing by yourself, but you’ll be feeling that at the shoot so it’s great to get some of that out of the way in advance!

Have Fun!

Being nervous is good, as part of the experience is breaking through your comfort zone and overcoming nerves will give you a great sense of achievement. Having boudoir photos taken is an empowering experience, so leave everything else in your life to one side and arrive ready to have a fun and exciting day.

Hair and Make-Up

So my make-up artists can get busy making you look fabulous, it’s best to come with a clean face. Hair should be clean and dry, some people prefer to wash it the night before, whichever works best for your hair. Let me know in advance if you have hair extensions, or a large amount of hair as we may need to allow more time.


Your hands and feet will be on show, so well-groomed nails are important. Neutral colours are best so as not to draw too much attention, but if bright colours suit your personality, go for it!

Nights Out

I can retouch many things but puffy eyes from going out the previous night ALWAYS show up and are impossible to retouch so please make sure you have an early night before your boudoir or glamour shoot.

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