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Hello from your London Glamour Photographer

Getting great photos for your glamour portfolio isn’t only about great lighting and composition; if you’re not used to posing every day it’s vital to choose a London glamour photographer who takes time to let you feel comfortable and relaxed. I only shoot one girl per day and I’m with you from the moment you arrive, including all through make-up, so you never feel rushed or awkward. I work with you before and during your glamour shoot to get individual photos that bring out the best in your body and personality, I don’t work from a list of set poses that are the same for everyone.

Matt Christie is one of the best photographers I have worked with. The shoot went smoothly with a lot of fun, I felt relaxed and pleased. Pictures were ready in a very short time and with great results. After the shoot me and Matt we were communicating to make sure I am happy with the retouch results. He did everything as i asked him to do so the final result was just fantastic… very natural and sexy, I can’t stop looking at his work as the pictures make me very confident and proud. I am highly recommending Matt to any model for any portfolio she needs to have done. If you are a beginner or professional model, you will be very happy with his work. I will definitely come back to him soon!

Where Does It Happen?

I can offer glamorous  location shoots in fabulous five star hotels, private homes and even overseas trips. Please see my Locations page for more details.
I also shoot from a residential studio in North-West London, with 19 windows providing spectacular natural light – a beautiful setting for whatever mood you want to create for your glamour portfolio. You can see images from my current studio on my Studio Page.

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Having a video can really make you stand out from the crowd. This sample is low res, yours will be full HD so much clearer.

What about Hair and Make-Up?

It’s a very important part of a glamour shoot, and makes such a huge difference to the photos that it’s vital to get the right people. Fortunately, I have a team of amazing full-time professional glamour make-up artists. Their usual work is with magazines and TV so they’re the best in the business, as well as being great fun and friendly, to help you relax ahead of your shoot.

What About Retouching?

Retouching is an important part of any glamour photoshoot, and I can give you exactly the amount you need, from full Hollywood makeover with skin smoothing and body reshaping, down to simple removal of spots. It’s all about getting the look you need to bring in the most work.
I am very very happy with the photos.
A very BIG thank you for making me look so beautiful!! :))

But I’m Not Good at Posing!

Don’t worry, this is one of my strengths as a London glamour photographer. I believe that a relaxed, comfortable model will make the best photos, and I only shoot one girl per day, so we’ll take all the time you need to get you a great portfolio. Every person has a different shape and flexibility, so it’s important to find the poses that work best for you individually, I don’t make you use the same poses as everyone else, and I spend time before every shoot looking for new ideas so every glamour shoot is unique.