I think the ability to show flexibility, flow, personality and strength in a photo are key to successful yoga photos. It’s vital to get the vibe of the moment across in a photo, & this is something I pay a lot of attention to. Communing with nature seems an excellent way to get these things across, and I’m happy for any excuse to be shooting in a beautiful park at sunrise. My first years as a photographer were spent outdoors shooting on location with natural light, and it’s always been my first love, so add that to fifteen years of experience and a unique ability to bring out the best in people photographically and you’ll be in safe hands to get a fantastic set of photos, for your business, your instagram, or just for yourself.


If you’d like to add a short promotional video to your shoot, I can do this for an additional £250.

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*Colour correction and removal of background objects, spot removal.
**As above plus optional skin smoothing and reshaping.