Baby Bump Maternity Shoots

Baby Bump Maternity Shoots


You made a human! Well done! This is a truly amazing, life-changing experience, and one that it’s great to capture on film. Baby bumps look beautiful at all stages of your pregnancy, and with the right lighting, angles, posing together with my fabulous team of make-up artists you’ll have a wonderful set of boudoir maternity images to show the bond between mother-to-be and unborn child.

As with all boudoir photoshoots, the key to success is that you feel relaxed and comfortable, and this is something we specialize in. We’ll take great care of you from the moment you arrive, and there’s no rush as I only shoot one person per day (well, two if you count the bump).

For more information about photoshoots in general, please see my Boudoir page.

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I’ve written blogs with photos about some previous maternity shoots, you can see then at the links below.

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A maternity shoot makes a great gift, especially as part of a baby shower.

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I also shoot and edit corporate video, see my Video Site for details.

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