Our trip to Edinburgh has largely consisted of heavy rain & fog with the odd gale thrown in, but every so often there’s a brief hiatus from the deluge & I run out & take some photos. This afternoon I looked out of the window & saw that the sky was looking pretty impressive, & Calton Hill didn’t look too far from the hotel, so I grabbed my camera bag & set off (it took 8 minutes, Edinburgh’s really compact!)

It’s a really beautiful spot, dotted with all sorts of interesting monuments, & the view from Nelson’s Monument is breathtaking, if terrifyingly windy, well worth the 176 steps to the top.

There’s also the National Monument, which was apparently meant to be a square like the Parthenon, but they ran out of cash so it’s just one side. Still great though.

Old Observatory House is now a private residence. A Mercedes pulled up outside as I was walking past & as It’s so flash I thought it must belong to someone impressive, so I had a nose at who was getting something out of the boot, imagining it’d be a stag they’d just shot or something similar, but it turned out to be a pile of Tesco’s bags. I asked if they delivered up there, but apparently not.

On the way down a couple were having their wedding photos done, so I took the opportunity to take a snap of the bride & groom, which seemed to upset the photography slightly. To be fair, I do look a bit weird 🙂

More Edinburgh to come later.

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