Pricing and Booking

Click here for information on pricing and booking a shoot


Click here for information on pricing and booking a shoot

Pricing and Booking

More information about pricing and booking a shoot.

Pricing and Booking

More information about pricing and booking a shoot.


More information about pricing and booking a shoot.



I’m Matt Christie and as your boudoir photographer I’ll be drawing on the sixteen years of experience and technical know-how that’s gained me twelve magazine covers and over thirty spreads. I will use this to create stunning photos of you that capture your unique style, beauty and spirit – whether you want your boudoir photography to show burlesque glamour, artistic nude or you just want to look sexy and elegant in lingerie. Whatever your preference, we will work together to make sure the results are beautiful, classy and capture the side of your personality that you want to reveal.

After seeing how amazing you look with the highest quality lighting, angles, posing and make-up that only a team of highly experienced professionals can give you, you’ll leave the studio with a new-found confidence.

So if you’re looking for stylish, beautiful, magazine quality boudoir photography, read on….

Every one of the photos on this page is from a genuine boudoir shoot. This is how people look when photographed with excellent lighting and compositional skills, by someone who takes the time to help them relax and bring out their personality.

If you’re a couple thinking of having a shoot together, please see also my Couples Boudoir Photoshoots page for more relevant details. If you’re expecting a new addition to the family and would like shots of your baby bump, please also see my Maternity Shoots page for details of how to get some great boudoir photos of your glowing pregnancy.

Is Boudoir For Me?

Yes! Boudoir is for anyone who would like to create beautiful photographs that reveal a hidden (or not so hidden) side of their personality. Every woman has her own idea of what beautiful and sexy means to them, and I spend time before the shoot finding exactly the right style of photos for you.


You might be drawn to glamour-style shots like my published work, or something vintage like burlesque, pin-up or the 40s-style glamour of film noir. Maybe art nude is your thing, or something simple and classic like a collared shirt. Do you want to get across your sense of fun like Abigail and her cupcakes below, or are you wanting to go super sexy like my Erotica work? Do you have a kink side you want to show off?


Whether you’re more comfortable in a glamorous dress, beautiful lingerie or nothing at all, I’m here to indulge your alter ego. Have a look through the boudoir portfolio pages of my site for more ideas.

But I’m not the right Age/Size/Shape to be a model!

This is like saying you’re not the right age, size or shape to wear make-up, or nice clothes. EVERYBODY looks much better with a great makeover, fabulous lighting and someone with a camera who knows how to bring out the best in them.

The people you see in magazines don’t look like that when they walk into the studio, why shouldn’t you be photographed for your boudoir shoot with the same advantages they have?
This experience allowed me to see myself at my best and feel it! Personal experiences had meant before my boudoir photography session I didn’t feel very confident or womanly. Thanks to Matt and my beautiful photos I can always reflect back and see what I have that makes me a beautiful woman in my own right.

But I’m Nervous!

Everyone is to begin with. It’s entirely natural and a great sign that you’re excited about your boudoir shoot. When you arrive, we’ll have a cup of tea and go over the plan, then you’ll have an hour or so being pampered by one of my amazing make-up artists, who are all as lovely as they are talented. I’ll be chatting away to you throughout, as the more comfortable you are with me, the more relaxed you’ll be for the photos.

Can I Pose With My Partner?

Of course you can! I have a dedicated boudoir couples page, which you can see here

London Boudoir Photographer Sample Photo

But I’m Not Photogenic!

I hear this so often and I don’t believe in it as a concept. In these days of social media, where we’re photographed more or less constantly from birth, as soon as you’re aware of the camera at a very early age, you’ll either love it or hate it, based on nothing more than how the first few photos of you come out. This quickly becomes a vicious circle, you’re nervous about the camera so you look uncomfortable in photos, which gets progressively worse. All because no-one has ever taught you how to look at the camera.

The great news is we can change this! Usually when someone takes a photo of you, they just take one or two. Full-time models, when shooting for magazines, get hundreds of photos taken for just a few that get used, so by using the same process for your boudoir shoot, you learn which angles you look best from on camera. Even better, once you’ve learned this, you can take it away with you and pose with confidence for all future photos!

What About Retouching?

When someone’s standing in front of you, you tend to focus on their eyes and lips, and not notice any spots or wrinkles. When someone’s captured in a photo, you notice the whole face more, so any blemishes tend to stand out. Retouching makes the person in the photo look like the one you see in real life. I can do as much or as little as you want, my goal is to show you as others see you.
Thank you so much Matt for capturing me on the inside and not just the outside! Xxx

See also my FAQ page for more information about Boudoir shoots.

Where Does It Happen?

I have a range of luxurious locations to choose from; in addition to my Studio there are Mayfair Penthouses, Gothic Palaces and Modern Mansions. See my Locations page for more details.
I approached Matt Christie, not thinking for a minute he’d have time to fit me in to a London visit not a week in advance. When he did however, I was glad of the short time- I had only a few days to be sick with nerves and panic that I hadn’t packed enough stockings (I only took 8 pairs to the shoot *eyeroll*). He’s someone I’d met very briefly at parties and has photographed some of my friends and colleagues but I hadn’t had the courage to approach him. Despite his insistance on his love of portfolio photography (what I wanted), I felt I wasn’t the page 3 or glamour style he usually shoots, and that he’d laugh at me or something. How wrong I was!

Matt is the most incredible professional. He took SIMPLY AGES making me feel comfortable and relaxed; an unimaginable state to me considering my reservations. He chatted with me so much and did the actual photography so effortlessly that I thought he had taken maybe 50 or 75 pictures, tops. Post shoot, he mailed me over 200 photos to chose from, and although there is a lot of tension in my face in many of them, especially early shots, I am thrilled with them all.

I simply cannot recommend him enough, and will be returning to him when I need new pictures: I won’t leave it over two years from sheer horror this time! I found his studio to be very comfortable and suitable for my look, and everything about him exactly to my liking, pre, during and post shoot. It’s not easy to photograph extremely nervous models who hate having their picture taken. Matt’s work is of the highest standard and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Matt Christie London Boudoir Photographer Sample

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