On our third day in Rome we got up  early to avoid the worst of the queues at the Vatican. It turned out you can book tours that take you straight to the front of the queue, so we save ourselves a couple of hours waiting in line 🙂

Everyone has the Vatican down as a must-see when in Rome, but I was left underwhelmed by it. Sure, it’s got a huge amount of pretty art in it, but it’s so incredibly packed, like a tube station in rush hour, that you don’t get chance to take it in as you’re shuffled past.

St Peter’s Basilica & the Sistine Chapel are undeniably amazing, but again overflowing with people & I’m a little uncomfortable with organised religion spending quite so much money on those at the top, not sure how blessed that makes the meek.

Also it rained for the whole day, which probably didn’t help.

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