It’s increasingly becoming a fun way of starting a Sunday, getting early & visiting London’s parks to take photos of the wildlife. This was a particularly great morning.

I took some nuts to St James Park to try & lure in the squirrels, only to discover that the pigeons are much bolder and faster at picking them up. After some experimentation I managed to shoo away the pigeons and had groomed a squirrel sufficiently that it’d come fairly close for a nut. This process took a while, and I’m laying flat on the floor to get the shot below, so it’s pretty obvious I’m in the middle of something, but tourists kept coming up with their iPads with no zooms & scaring my squirrel away.

That got boring fairly quickly, so I set off in search of a more tourist-free area, where I found a man feeding birds out of his hand! It was amazing to watch, they’d land right on him to take the nuts and seeds. It was also great for photos. Birds move really quickly & don’t hang about in one place for long, which with my slow zoom lens makes it very tricky to get good shots. With Mark feeding them however, I could pre-focus on his hand & snap the birds much more quickly. I had a lovely chat with him as well, it really made my morning.

After that I headed out to Richmond to meet a friend & potter round the park in search of deer, which happily weren’t too hard to find 🙂


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