Everybody wants to be a cat….

It’s occurred to me that many girls I know have a tendency to become cat-like at certain times, & if you give them some kitty ears they fall into character pretty quickly, so I’m going to set up a series of shoots embracing your inner kitty.

I’m looking for women who are drawn to cats, & maybe even have your own set of ears already. I’ll be shooting a variety of shapes & sizes, & some will be fun, some sexy, some serious. I’m mostly aiming to shoot you in lingerie or less, but we can keep you as covered as you’re comfortable with, & I’m open to suggestions for other outfits. Obviously if you have a catsuit that’d work too.

Shoots will take place at my studio in Shadwell, E1, Central London over March & April, so if you’re feeling feline, drop me a line.

Emma Bagwell

If you’d like to be part of it, please comment below, & if your email’s not in the comment send me a message to matt@mattchristie.com. Please include:-

  • A photo or link to an online profile (unless I know you already)
  • Why you’d like to be part of the project
  • What, if any, cat accessories you own (ears, tail etc). I’ll have some but would like a variety in the shots.

Model: Emma Tiger
Twitter: @ThatEmmaTiger 
Facebook: Emma Tiger

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