I have a new project. Having acquired a glitterball during the course of my working day, as you do (thanks Bam!), I’ve used it in shoots a couple of times & liked the way that light plays off the body, so I’d like to use it more, but it tends to only work with small areas.

Then it occurred to me that in my experience, most people have small areas of themselves they like, & areas they don’t like, so I’ve come up with a plan….Glitterboobs!


The idea is to show your favourite part of you, lit by the reflected light of a glitterball.

No faces, no whole bodies, & very flattering light. Choose boobs, choose bum, choose belly, choose legs, choose feet, choose neck, I’ll even dazzle your vajazzle, all I ask is that you allow me to show the results, unidentifiably as your face won’t be in shot, & of course, you get a copy of your shiny self.

So, who’s in?


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