I’ve had a few more couples boudoir and erotic shoots than usual lately, and I’m finding it really interesting. I’m more used to getting one person relaxed in front of the camera, it’s a very different thing with two. The most important part is the connection between the couple, it’s a thing you can’t fake, and it’s really beautiful watching their intimacy and the way they look at each other. To a large extent I don’t really pose the couple, I’ll just arrange some nice lighting and let them interact naturally, as I think that makes for sexier, more realistic pictures. It also takes a lot of the worry about posing away for the couple; they’re used to holding and caressing each other, so by allowing them to be more natural, they don’t have to think about whether they’re doing it right.

A big thanks to the two people concerned for allowing me to show some of their couples erotic boudoir shoot; I’m really happy with the shots we have, but many couples understandably prefer to keep them private. With all my shoots your privacy is respected; I only show pictures with your full approval.

Couples Erotic Shoot 3

Couples Erotic Shoot 7
Couples Erotic Shoot 6Couples Erotic Shoot 4Couples Erotic Shoot 2Couples Erotic Shoot 1

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