I had a request on Model Mayhem from Ember, who wanted to shoot using gels. As it turned out, while she was looking through my portfolio, she recognised the church opposite my flat as her boyfriend lives there & she’d actually seen me shooting in the park. I’d seen flashes going off from that apartment & wondered if there was a studio. Small world.

It was quite a technical challenge balancing the light from the lamp behind, the gelled lights, & the lighting on Ember. This is George, who I use to get the lighting roughly right before bringing the model in.


Once I have the lighting roughly balanced, I’ll bring the model in & fiddle about some more. As Ember has a nicely toned body, I used striplights from the sides to accentuate the muscle tone (doesn’t work so well on George).


















I think this type of lighting ideally suits nude, as the underwear breaks up the lines of the body.

Here’s a couple of behind the scenes shots to give you a idea of what I was trying with the lighting.










…and some other lighting options, including gels on Ember











Finally, just for fun I brought the glitterball in to see if I could get two completely different colours, which I managed, but I’m not sure if the results actually make a photo worth looking at!











& one of George to finish as I’m sure you’re bored of all those naked women. Well done to Ember as George can be quite a diva to pose with 🙂

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