As I spend much of my life trying to make people look slimmer than they are through cunning use of lighting, angles, & occasionally photoshop, it’s an entirely different challenge to celebrate a baby bump. Rachael did help quite a bit by thoughtfully putting on almost no weight anywhere else! These were all shot with natural light at Rachael’s home.

Things I learned (from this & other pregnancy shoots)….

1) Embrace the bump! It’s no use shooting from angles that don’t show it, it’s a thing of beauty so show it off!

2) For me, the most beautiful shots are connecting the mother & baby, so those when she cradles her bump & looks down at it are best. Expectant mothers seem to automatically get a great serene expression when viewing their future offspring.

3) Get naked. I could apply this to all my shoots, but underwear does break up the line of the body, & there’s no need to cover natural curves. Careful placing of arms & legs ensures that modesty is preserved if necessary.

4) More natural posing works better here, ideally it shouldn’t look like she’s posing at all.

Baby Jasmine has now arrived safe and sound, & already has her own modelling agent! I’m looking forward to shooting her but I might have to relax my rules about models bringing an escort!

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