Lady Lucie Latex in Waistcoat & BodysuitI always enjoy shooting latex; it’s shiny, & the people who wear it are usually fun to work with, so I jumped at the chance to shoot the lovely Lady Lucie in her own creations. I’ve seen her wearing them in photos on nights out many times before, always looking fabulously glamazonian, so very much looked forward to replicating that in a studio setting.

What I didn’t realise in advance was that she’d never actually had a studio photoshoot before, & the confidence she pulls off so well when out & about is in large part to being out with friends in a club atmosphere (oh alright, & maybe a lager or two).


Lady Lucie Latex in Waistcoat & BodysuitBecause of this, I foolishly assumed she’d need no help with posing at all (note to photographers: never assume anything), & was quite surprised when she started out quite nervous in front of the camera. She soon relaxed into it though, like a duck to water in fact, & I think we ended up with some lovely shots.

We hadn’t planned to shoot the nudes, she only brought two outfits with her & when I asked if there was anything else she’d like to shoot, she pointed at a nude on the wall (a nude photo. There are no actual nude girls attached to my walls) & said “I want that one”


Lady Lucie Latex in Tailcoat, Waistcoat, Bodysuit & Bow-tieMy back was playing up at the time, & I was finding it difficult to get down on the floor without groaning for the shots. Note to photographers: When lying down on the floor in front of a naked woman, it’s best not to make a “Uuuuuuuunh” noise if at all possible.

It’s great that Lucie’s happy for me to post the nudes, partly because she looks amazing, & partly because far too much fuss is made over nudity, it’s our natural state, & it frustrates me that the likes of Facebook try to make us think it’s somehow wrong to not be fully clothed at all times.






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Lady Lucie Latex Nude








Lady Lucie Latex Nude

Lady Lucie Latex Nude

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