I went with my girlfriend for a long weekend to Rome recently & took my main camera for the first time. It’s quite a pain to carry a 5DMkII around everywhere so I was hoping the results would turn out to be worth it, but after seeing what CS6 can do to the photos, I’m very glad I did. All the photos are the original files processed through photoshop CS6, no skies have been added.

I found myself with a bit of a dilemma, namely that I’m now carrying a camera that can take pretty nice pictures of everything around me, but if I stop to do it properly, it’ll end up feeling like a 4-day photoshoot & not a holiday at all. Inevitably these are something of a compromise. I didn’t manage to get up at 5 to catch the sunrise, but we got pretty lucky with the weather on this first day, it was hot & sunny in the Colisseum, but with a few fluffy clouds to make the sky interesting. As we walked over the Palatine Hill & to the Forum, it clouded over & made for some fierce-looking backgrounds. My only regret is I forgot to take my polarising filter with me, it made quite a difference on day two.

Photography aside, Ancient Rome really blew me away, you can really transport yourself back a couple of thousand years. We found that there’s an overwhelming amount of unmissable sights that’d take months to get round, so I’d recommend reading a guide book before going (Lonely Planet seem to be the best) to narrow it down a bit. That said, you could quite happily potter about & just see what you run into, it’s all very pretty to look at 🙂

Top Tip: Avoid the queue at the Colosseum (it can be 2-3 hours) by booking a guided tour, you go straight to the front. It wasn’t hugely more expensive & included the Palatine Hill. Not sure you should believe every word they tell you though, we passed another guide telling her group the exact opposite of what ours had said!

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