This was my first project. I have a DJ friend Bam Bo Tang, who brought a glitterball, or mirrorball, to an earlier shoot (she wanted to smash it with a sledgehammer in a photo!) Thankfully, the glitter ball survived, & I had a play around with bouncing a light off it onto a body. Bam suggested making a project out of it, & I’ve noted that when looking through photos after a shoot, girls seem to have certain parts they like, & some they dislike about themselves. So, I thought it’d be nice to give people a chance to show off their favourite bits, & putting those two things together gave me Project Glitterboobs.

I like the idea of a project, focussing on one aspect makes me shoot it in a variety of ways, & it’s much easier to light one part of a body than all of it :).

That said, finding time to shoot a variety of people for the project means it’s hard to make it work, so I haven’t shot as many as I’d planned to. In theory I could take a few shots during my other shoots, but we tend to use all the time & energy we have shooting whatever we’d planned.

I think ultimately just shining a light off the mirror ball is a bit limiting, I may explore the idea of different patterns across bodies as time allows, but I’m not sure how much more I can do with just one ball. Fnar 🙂

All shoots took place at my studio in Shadwell in Central London

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