We had a rare sunny Sunday last week, so I decided on the spur of the moment to take my camera to Greenwich for a day out. I headed for the Emirates Cable Car as it seemed a picturesque way to get there. It’s pretty great, I didn’t realise I could use my Oyster card & it wasn’t busy so I got my own carriage. I stood up to take a photo at one point though & realised that they’re really not very steady. Great views over Canary Wharf, the Millennium Dome & the Thames Barrier though.

I walked to Greenwich from there, mostly through in industrial estate. Next time I’d either take a longer route along the riverbank, or even better, a Thames clipper from the O2.

Greenwich was very much worth the walk. I only live 15 minutes away on the DLR but have failed to visit it before in the three years I’ve been here. The Old Navy Buildings are fantastic, it’s like stepping back in time, and I was please to see how quickly they’d rebuilt them after all the damage the aliens did in the Thor film 🙂

The Cutty Sark was great too, I had no idea you could walk underneath her (and touch her on the bottom!), it made for some unique views. Not sure about the cuddly rats for sale in the gift shop.

I had a wander up the hill to the Observatory but it was getting fairly packed by then so I saved looking around inside the buildings for another trip. I walked back through the foot tunnel, which I discovered is really noisy when full of screaming children.

Looking forward to visiting in the summer with leaves on the trees, possibly midweek when it’s less busy, and it’d be great to take a model there to liven up the buildings a bit 🙂

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