A fairly uneventful day as I was moving islands for much of it, but I still managed a few interesting photos. This is a shot of the bay where the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is. As you can see, the bay is beautiful, with a long, white, sandy beach and fantastic coral just offshore. The resort wasn’t finished, they were building a swimming pool while I was there so not the ideal atmosphere, but the coral and excursions made up for it 🙂


Me! The weather was too choppy for the boat to pick us up from the usual spot by the Octopus resort, so we had to trek over a hill to a different bay. No hardship though when the view looks like this ( the mountains, not me!)

On the way over we ran into these friendly little chaps.

Leaving the Octopus Resort, probably the most amazing place I’ve ever been. The seas were too choppy for us, but apparently not for the luggage, so I took a photo of my suitcase as I didn’t know if I’d ever see it again…

My room at the Octopus Resort. Not too shabby.

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