It’s always good to shoot someone on a regular basis, as you have to continually think of new ways to photograph them. I’ve worked with my friend Abigail maybe ten times over the years, she was one of the first girls I shot in London back in 2005, & it’s been great to see her transform over the years. I’ve shot her as an actress, glamour model (FHM back cover!), part of a couple, & now fitness bikini model. She’s always been great to work with, as she really knows how to work her body, & is great with natural facial expressions. I really need to just set up the lighting & let her get on with it, she needs almost no direction.

As a bonus, my weights got taken out of their box for the first time in about a year 🙂

Abigail has her first competition coming up soon, you can find more details on her page below.

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