This was a test shoot to try out some new ideas, so I’ll explain what I was doing as I go along. This first shot was interesting as I was still setting up my camera & it was very overexposed. I almost threw it out, but I really liked Sesca’s pose & particularly her eyes, so I had a go at editing it & came up with my favourite shot of the day.I’ve straightened it, removed the BBQ from the left side & darkened it, I’m really surprised how well it worked though!

Sesca J nude on the balcony









Sesca J nude on the balconyHere’s another, with the camera set up properly, in the same place. I’ve used natural light for both these shots with some diffusers above & to the side to soften the sunlight.









Sesca J nude on the stairsContinuing an experiment I started while shooting Vicki Blatchley, these stairs look really boring in every way I’ve tried to light them before, but the use of a blue gel makes them far more interesting. There are two lights in shot, one with a wide reflector & a blue gel, & one spotlight for Sesca. You can see the lights in this shot.






Sesca J nude on the stairs with lighting








Sesca J nude in the doorwayThis was a random shot, we were just chatting about what we’d do next, & I noticed the light hitting her was really pretty, so I got her to stand still while I quickly took a couple of shots.









Sesca J topless by the windowSesca J nude

These two were taken just using window light. I don’t need to test this type of shot, but in any collaboration it’s fair to give some of the shots you’re known for I think.








Sesca J Kitty shotSesca J Kitty shotThese were taken as part of my ongoing Project Kitty with natural light. She does make a very sexy cat 🙂










Sesca J Kitty shotSesca J Kitty shotTwo more kitty pics, this time with a single spot to make a dull hallway look more interesting. I’m very keen to explore more ways to change the  look of a room with lighting, it’s much cheaper than moving house!









Sesca J behind the scenes

Fun behind the scenes shot. My balcony overlooks a church & a creche, so much as I feel that the human body is naturally gorgeous & nothing to be ashamed of, it seems sensible to put up the screens. They also soften the light really well. & I laid a large reflector across the top to further diffuse it for the shots.










Sesca J behind the scenesCheeky shot to finish, I noticed this while I was moving some furniture out of the way so I took a quick snap.

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