I very much enjoyed shooting this fabulous evening’s entertainment, but I do have a vested interest as my girlfriend was reading one of her stories. It was part of the Edinburgh Festival of Erotic Arts, there were all sorts of interesting things happening over the weekend. The show included performances from Vivid Angel, Mr Pustra, Vendetta Vain, Cat Aclysmic, Cherry Loco, Cherryfox, Black Diamond Express, the lovely Vina Green & a showstopping performance by Lottie Kixx & Clanadonian, all held together admirably by Dee Itsy in the first half, & Ophelia Bitz in the second.

I have a huge amount of respect for people who shoot shows for a living. I’m so used to people standing still & being able to control the lighting that I found it incredibly difficult to get any decent shots from the show. There’s just no predicting when an act will do something that’ll make a good photo, & when they do, there’s no telling what the lighting will be doing at the time. Stage lights can be heavily biased towards one colour, leaving detail hard to pick up.

As a result I was experimenting throughout, some flash, some with just the stage lighting, & the results are pretty mixed. I did find the slower moving acts easier, as you had some time to compose a shot, & thankfully I shot in raw which gave me far more options when it came to evening up the colours & bringing out the detail.

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