Emma Glover in a boxCongratulations on ordering the Emma 3000 Deluxe Model. This model can produce excellent results if the following instructions are followed….Firstly, take the lid off the box to check if they’ve sent the right one..
Emma Glover in a boxThen check the model is in working order. Contents may settle during transit & she may look a bit sad…
Emma Glover in a box…so check that she can smile when asked.
Emma Glover in a boxIf she can smile ok, move on to the next stage, which is getting her to stand up & press a few buttons. If she manages this, it’s safe to assume everything is in working order & you can take her out of the box.
Models can work well for several years with only the occasional malfunction
Emma Glover in a boxFinally, some models can be reluctant to being repackaged for delivery back to the agency, so help may be needed to get them back in the box.Model Website: Emma Glover
Twitter: @MissEmmaGlover
Hair & Make-up: Lisa Harris
Twitter: @LisaLuuu
Location: Adrian Pini Studios

More shots of Emma & other Glamour Models here

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