My girlfriend, the wondrously talented Vina Green, has moved in recently, & to fit twice as many people into my space I decided to have a clear out. Not just a bit of one, but anything I hadn’t used for a year, & couldn’t convince myself I’d use in the next one, had to go. This resulted in several sacks of rubbish, & ten boxes of books & DVDs for the charity shop. Apart from the lovely feeling of giving that gave me, we actually have more space now than before she moved in, and everything is far more tidy & organised than previously.

The reason I’m telling you this is that it’s completely changed my life. Having no clutter at all in the house has had a transforming effect on my brain. I’d often heard the phrase “tidy house (or is it desk?), tidy mind”, but thought it was one of those things that works for other people, but suddenly I’m not just making lists, but actually doing all the things on them! Things seem much easier to keep tidy now they all have a place, I’m setting myself goals which is something I’ve always found hard in the past, I have far more energy, & I’m getting so much done that I’m actually finding time to use said energy for exercise & socialising for the first time in a few months.

Aside from the tangible results, I just feel completely different, like I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. My time management has always been fairly poor, largely because I have too many things to do on any given day, & so I know at the start that I won’t finish them. This gives me far too much leeway to put things off & spend too much time on Facebook. Now I’m being tidy, my daily list is smaller & I make sure to finish it; extra items are given a specific future time to complete, or put on a wish list. Having nothing floating about untethered lets me focus far more on what I’m actually doing, which in our distracting world is tremendously helpful.

So, no photos today, just a piece of advice: tidy up the clutter in your life, & good things will happen 🙂

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