Once upon a time, in a land far far away, I considered being a wedding photographer. When I first started taking photos, as I hadn’t planned to do it for a living, I tried my hand at everything to see what I was most drawn to. Weddings can be great fun, everyone’s happy & dressed up, so lots of lovely natural expressions & great captured moments. I also love getting all the details of a wedding, such as the bride’s shoes, the table settings, flowers, details on the dress etc. On the down side, it’s a really long day, & you’re taking the most important photos of people’s lives, that will be up on show in the homes of them & their family, so it’s a huge responsibility. Add to that the fact that you have limited time for posed shots, and you need to work outdoors with whatever the weather decides to throw at you & it’s one of the trickiest types of photography to get right.

After a few years away from weddings I took a camera to the wedding of one of my make-up artists last year. It was a vintage theme, so everyone looked amazing, & in a fabulous venue, Porchester Hall in Notting Hill. Although I wasn’t the wedding photographer, I really enjoyed taking photos all day, & the photos came out really well. Having posted those, I’ve been offered a couple of very exciting paid weddings this year, so I’ve decided to be available for the occasional one if it feels right.

Here’s a gallery of some of my favourite shots from previous weddings.

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