I’m reading a book at the moment that rightly recommends that you should always go outdoors at dawn or dusk for the best shots, but it pointed out that it’s also a good idea to get out in the daytime in between storms, as the skies can be pretty impressive. Literally as I was reading this, the rain outside briefly stopped, so I took that as a sign & grabbed a camera & a Boris Bike & headed out. (to be fair, I’d left my hat in the pub the day before so was going out anyway, but the book make me take the camera!)

I don’t have too much to say technically about the shots, I was just looking for interesting clouds, & then trying to find something underneath them to make a more interesting photo. I think that no matter how great the sky, there still has to be a foreground to the shot or else it’s a bit dull. The problem is, clouds move, there’s not always a foreground where you want one, & it’s likely to bucket down any minute, so you have to make the best of what you’ve got.

The photos are all one shot, not HDR, & the colours, shadows & highlights have been brought out using photoshop CS6’s amazing capabilities.

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