Skin’s one of those girls who the camera just loves. I’d met her in a club & thought straightaway that she stood out from other models, & she’s great to shoot as she brings a lot of personality to the shots, and comes up with unusual poses (more importantly, unusual poses that work!)

This first set was all shot with natural light. The smoking shot at the beginning wasn’t set up, she was just having a quick fag before we started. It’s always worth having the camera in your hand, you get some great natural shots when the model isn’t posing. The outfit is what she turned up in but it matched her hair & the top hat so well we shot it anyway!

This outfit was hired by my then girlfriend for a fancy dress party, it looked so amazing on her that I couldn’t resist shooting it with Skin. Note to photographers: It’s much better to check that your girlfriend’s ok with this first #relationshipfail

Skin Diamond in a latex strait-jacketSkin Diamond in a latex strait-jacketSkin Diamond in a latex catsuitSkin Diamond in a latex hoodSkin Diamond in a latex hood with riding cropSkin Diamond in a purple latex hood with riding crop


The outfits for this part of the shoot were provided by House of Harlot latex. The first is one of my favourite shots of mine, it definitely has something unusual about it. Probably because you don’t see people in latex strait-jackets every day of the week.

You can see more of Skin on her blogTumblr, Twitter & Facebook

Hair & Make-up for all these shots by Natasha Daniel

Shot in Notting Hill, London

More latex & alt model shots here



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