I’m always keen to shoot alternative & fetish models as they bring something different from day to day glamour, Ruby being no exception.

Ruby True Natural LightWe started off with some natural light shots. As this is what I do most, it’s ideal to have as a warm-up. There’s no setting up of lights & I know exactly where the light works so it’s a great way to get models relaxed before I do anything experimental.









Ruby True Window Light








Ruby True Oil PaintingWhen we moved into the studio, I did something I pretty much always do & forgot to change the camera settings over from natural light, resulting in a very bleached out image. I had a mess around with it in photoshop as I liked Ruby’s expression & ended up with this oil painting, which I really like.









Ruby True Nipple TasselsThis was what I was aiming for once I’d set my camera up properly! The fairly strong contrast seems to complement the outfit & gives the photo a hint of Marlene Dietrich.









Ruby True Shark Tooth Tie in ChairWith this shot I was trying to light the shoes to show that they, the bracelet & the tie have matching teeth, but as it turns out, the shots that showed that didn’t show Ruby off as well, so I chose this one & used another pose to showcase the outfit…






Ruby True Shark Tooth Tie…this one.

Model: Ruby True
Make-Up: Tabitha Adams

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