On the odd occasion that we do get a rare sunny day, there’s a beautiful park behind my house, so I’m always keen to run out & take a few shots whenever the weather allows, & whenever the model has some clothing other than underwear πŸ™‚ Naturally lit outdoor shots are after all where I started, on the beaches of Gran Canaria back in 2005.

My local park has a great combination of grass & meadow, some really old brick walls, great trees, an amazing 300 year old church, & plenty of squirrels (not pictured, I’m still trying to train them to pose). It’s perfect in the early morning, but gets a bit busy in the afternoon, & we inevitably attract an audience of teenagers, which gets somewhat distracting. Why is it that strangers will happily ignore you completely on the tube but feel free to interrupt a photoshoot? Perhaps I should try shooting on the Central Line πŸ™‚

Anyway, here’s Josie. Redheads are always my favourite & she was great to work with, we’re currently setting up an indoor shoot to suit the current weather.

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