Jakki Degg Nude in the WindowI’ve shot Jakki a number of times over the last few years, & she’s always great to work with. She has the best wardrobe of any model I know & always brings great styling ideas along with her. So I’ve started by ignoring the large suitcase she brought & shooting her naked apart from my own hat 🙂

She does actually have a fabulous pair of shoes on, as you’ll see in the next shot.








Jakki Degg Nude in the WindowAnother simple window shot with natural light, note the amazing shoes! It really would’ve been a crime not to get those in shot somewhere, & it’s a measure of just how fabulous they are that my eyes go straight to the shoes despite Jakki having forgotten to put any other clothes on! 🙂









Jakki Degg SwimsuitPhotography101: When shooting reflective surfaces, make sure you’re not in the reflected part of the shot! My failing to spot myself would have ruined this as a commercial shot, but makes for a lovely Facebook cover shot.




Jakki Degg SequinsWe’d aimed to use this in black & white, as we felt the gold sequins of the jacket, & the silver ones of the cushion would clash, but I really like it in colour.










Jakki Degg Circus

Clearly a circus theme going on here, I didn’t like the original much, but with a lot of processing I thought it came out looking interesting. With the flashes going off in my face I now understand how it feels for models on a daily basis! We had a completely different shot in mind, which didn’t work out as well as hoped, I’m very glad we tried this instead.









Jakki Degg ItalyI love the way this shot has a Mediterranean feel about it, as if it was shot on the steps of an Italian piazza, rather than Shadwell 🙂

To be fair, it’s a pretty spectacular building, a church built in 1741, so we really should be able to get some half-decent shots around it!




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