Here’s some photos from a shoot I did with Charlie Buckitt featuring Am-Statik Latex. I saw Charlie performing in her cabaret show The Late Night Shop wearing the wig she has on in the photos, & thought she’d be great to shoot, & happily wandering up to her in the bar afterwards worked. Turns out I’d met her a year before that & hadn’t recognised her, but to be fair she looks a bit different without the wig & face paint 🙂

You can get an idea of the lighting set up I used for the studio shots here

Things I learned from this shoot :_

1) Tall girls in heels & a big wig are very hard to fit in front of my studio background without spilling over. I decided to make this a deliberate look :).

2) Am-Statik make great latex. Actually I knew this already, but am happy to keep mentioning it.

3) Getting changed into latex takes a LOT longer than getting changed into underwear, it’s wise to allow more time accordingly.

4) Latex bunny ears are supercute 🙂

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