I’ve been keen to get shooting on my new chaise longue & screen dividers as quickly as possible, so I was very pleased when April Summers popped up on twitter wanting to shoot. She has nearly 69000 fans on her Facebook page, so each photo from the shoot she’s put up has had around 2500 likes, I’m pleased if I get 30!

The screen dividers came from a shop in Warwickshire, & they were collection only. Fortunately I have friends up there, so I got a lift to Stratford then carried them home on the train. They weigh an absolute ton! They’re much taller than your average screen divider, so they cover up more of what’s behind them, which was a large part of the attraction of having them.

April was great to work with & definitely added a touch of glamour to the new backgrounds, I’ll have to get her back soon to shoot on the new bed 🙂

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