It’s always interesting to shoot people in a way that shows them in a different light, so when adult actress Samantha Bentley got in touch, I was keen to do something creative with her. She was absolutely great to shoot, full of ideas & interesting poses, & not afraid to try out crazy ideas to see if they worked. In this set she came up with pairing a military hat & goggles I had lying around the house with a vintage swimsuit, snorkel & some yellow shoes. This sounds like a really bad idea but she totally rocked it & I love the photos. It’s always a challenge to come up with new ways of shooting the same London locations so it’s great to find models who’ll bring something different to the table.

This is my favourite from the set (above). One of those shots that just works & you don’t really know why, it just does.

Spitting into your hand is kind of unusual, but again, it seems to work.


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