Here’s a glamour shoot from a while ago with Kayleigh Pearson out in Gran Canaria. Sunset is a magical time to shoot, but the window of opportunity to get the very best light is pretty small, so you have to work fast. The sun seems to set with alarming speed over there, & some days a little bit of cloud in the wrong place can leave you with no good light at all.

Also, there are a lot of environmental factors getting in the way. For a start, it’s really not at all warm, especially if, like here, you’re naked & wet throughout the shoot. Sand gets everywhere (this type of shoot is not kind to your camera!), hair & make-up get messed up,  the current can be really strong which makes it hard to hold a pose, & occasional bigger waves can soak your model (or knock her over).

It’s also not the easiest thing to balance the right amount of flash with the rapidly-changing ambient light, so there’s quite a bit of fiddling involved.

All that said, it’s totally worth it & I love the photos we get. It’s great going for something to eat afterwards (we finished around 9.30) knowing you’ve done a good day’s work, then off to bed as you have to be up at 4am to get make-up done before the sunrise…

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