On my fifth day in Fiji, I headed out to the Octopus Resort on the amazing Yasawa islands. It’s pretty much everything you’d imagine an island paradise to be, just a few huts along the beach, each hut maybe five yards from the sea at high tide, & a mountain right behind the huts so it feels like you’re the only people on the island. The huts were pretty luxurious, with an outdoor bathroom that I loved. There’s something special about showering outdoors in the sun, though I guess it’s less appealing if it’s raining 🙂


The sight above is what greeted me when I first put my snorkel on & dipped my head underwater. I was literally five yards into the water & only up to my thighs, so I was somewhat amazed to see this many fish. The whole bay is a big bank of coral with fish everywhere, I had to force myself to get out of the water & do other things, I didn’t want to leave!




The communal dining tables are great, as you meet new people with every meal.Hard not to love that it’s right on the beach as well 🙂

It cost me £10 to hire a private guide up the mountain to catch the sunset. I’d only just arrived so we had to go pretty fast to get there in time. My guide ran off like a mountain goat, despite his bare feet, & I spent much of the journey begging him to slow down. Totally worth it for the view from the top, even if it wasn’t the best sunset because of the clouds. We had to trek back down in near darkness, which was terrifying. Those iPhone torch apps are surprisingly useful when up a hill in the dark!

This is the boat I went scuba diving from. Not much to say, I just liked the shot 🙂

Look at the size of my coconut! This is at the Sheraton on Denerau before I left the mainland. Hard not to start the day with a smile when this is your breakfast. You drink the milk with a straw, then take it back to the chef who chops it open with a big machete.

The weather wasn’t perfect while I was there, this was actually the morning of the wedding I shot. It really doesn’t mess about, not only was the rain horizontal, at times the trees were as well! Happily it cleared up once I got to the islands.

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