I recently was asked to photograph a wedding in Fiji, which wasn’t something I was going to turn down. It took 32 hours door to door, & that’s with only a 3-hour gap between flights, so jet lag was something of a worry. I was arriving in Fiji at 5am, so it made sense to stay awake for the first flight then sleep for the second. It was particularly fun having to pass through US immigration after being awake for 24 hours, despite only being in transit.

Nevertheless, the plan worked, & I arrived at Nadi airport, fully slept, if somewhat spaced out. I needed to stay awake for the day to get my body onto Fiji time, so after getting some sunrise shots on arrival at the hotel, I headed out on an excursion to some local markets, The Garden of the Sleeping Giant, & some hot springs. Maybe a bit energetic considering I’d just stepped off the plane, but it kept me awake. Particularly the hot springs.

I’d planned to shoot the sunset every day, but foolishly hadn’t checked what time it was. As it’s light until after 9 in the uk, it was a bit of a shock to be enjoying a cocktail at 5.30 & realise it was getting dark! Cue quick sprint back to the room for my camera for the 6pm sunset. It was the best sunset of the trip, so I’m very glad I made the effort.

Ate a frankly ridiculous amount of food at the hotel buffet in the evening, then discovered that everyone in the Sheraton goes to bed at 9pm, & the bars are completely empty. Ah well, it’d been a long day.

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