Here’s the rest of the shots from my recent trip to Edinburgh. I absolutely love the place, great warm friendly people, great nightlife & amazing scenery everywhere, & it’s all within easy walking distance. We did have somewhat variable weather, but that just meant that the sky was all the more interesting when it did stop raining, & it was never wet for too long.

Of the attractions, the Castle & its history are impressive, though our guide was one of those who thinks they’re funny but aren’t, so we sneaked away when he wasn’t looking to do our own thing. Holyrood House was ok, I find most palaces fairly indistinguishable from each other, but the Abbey is lovely. The ghost tours were fun, but the unexpected find for us was Camera Obscura. Five floors of optical illusions kept the geek inside me amused for several hours, & the Camera itself is pretty cool, as is the view from the top.

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