The vast majority of my paid work is of individual girls, & fun though that is, it’s always nice to have to shoot something different. This glamorous couple had hired London’s largest hotel room (allegedly) at Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel for his birthday, & wanted to make the most of a fabulous setting (the room itself is three stories high & contains a grand piano) with a photoshoot.

Shooting couples has some pros & cons, the difficulty of shooting more than one person at once is that each person tends to get a great expression in every ten or so shots (I generally take around 200 per shoot) so to get two people both looking great in the same photo can be quite a challenge. However, the great thing about couples is that they interact really well together, so my plan here was to just get them to play around on some themes & shoot them in action, rather than trying to pose them. We did a few more typical face-to-camera shots at the end when they were nice & relaxed. It did help quite a bit that they’re both gorgeous!

Lighting wise there was a huge window flooding the room with beautifully soft natural light, so I took full advantage of that, not even using reflectors. There’s a big advantage to using natural light with less experienced models, they have far more freedom to move around (versus studio lights where they might have to stay in an exact spot), & there’s less (actually none at all) setting up & tweaking of lighting, so the shoot can flow more naturally.

They were great fun too & I’m really pleased with the results, happy models, happy photographer.


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