One of the reasons for starting this blog is to show photos that I can’t post on social media. I shoot quite a bit of art nude, I love the way that light plays across skin, & I think it’s one of the things I’m better at, so it’s good to have a place to share.

This shoot was with Adreena Angela, you can see more of her work at

She sent me a mood board before the shoot; it’s really helpful I find to go in with a clear plan of what you want to get out of a day, without one I tend to default to things I already know how to do. This gets us pretty shots, but defeats the object of testing. I often use another photo as a starting point & then try variations on that theme to come up with something unique.

First a couple of behind the scenes shots. I really should take more of these, when the model isn’t posing you get a natural quality to the shots that often just isn’t possible when someone knows you’re pointing a camera at them.

From the actual shoot, the b/w shots are from the mood board, the outdoor shots were taking advantage of a neighbour-free moment on the balcony, & the mirrorball shot was just a random experiment. Sometimes these things don’t work out, but it’s always worth trying them; this one has led to a whole new Project Glitterboobs!



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