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I have a professional, friendly approach based on great communication skills, allowing me to tailor each shoot to your specific needs. As each commercial shoot varies greatly, please call me on 07590 533049 or email to discuss your individual specifications and pricing. You can see samples from my commercial portfolio above.

St James and Richmond Parks

It’s increasingly becoming a fun way of starting a Sunday, getting early & visiting London’s parks to take photos of the wildlife. This was a particularly great morning. I took some nuts to St James Park to try & lure in the squirrels, only to...

Dulwich Park

    I’ve recently moved to Camberwell, so I’ve been exploring the local area with the camera, and taking photos of local wildlife. Here’s some shots from a morning in Dulwich Park, which has a ridiculous amount of children and not nearly...

New Studio – Chloe T

  Having a new studio means lots of testing to work out the best way to shoot everything, and also getting my creative juices flowing with new models and new ideas. Here’s some shots from a test with Chloe T, showing off some more new backgrounds and a...

Wow!  Classy!  Absolutely amazing – we’re so impressed.  We’ve hooked up with some fantastic professionals in the film business recently, and you’re one of them. Seriously, though, they are so good, fantastic work and really everything we wanted.

James Smith - Raya Films

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