I often get emails from girls asking if I think they have what it takes to be a model, so here are my thoughts…

Firstly, beauty is subjective, & very much in the eye of the beholder (there’s a word that doesn’t get used often enough). Everyone finds different things attractive, & that includes picture editors & model agencies, so just because someone rejects you doesn’t mean everyone will (I’d just choose to assume they have no taste 🙂 )

So, it’s not for me to say whether you can make it or not. I’m all about the eyes, & what’s going on behind them, whereas agencies & magazines will be looking at the whole package. They’ll also be looking for what they don’t have, for example if any agency’s full of brunettes, a redhead might have a better chance, but with another agency the opposite could be true.

I would say that only a very few people make any kind of living from modelling, so you really need to have a passion for it to get anywhere.

There are some things that’ll increase your chances.

1) Look after yourself. If you’re working as a model, your body is the tool of your trade. Whatever shape you are, make sure it’s healthy looking & take care of your skin & hair.

2) Get the best portfolio you can afford. If you look like Kate Moss, you might get spotted on the street, but most successful models get there by hard work and determination, & having a portfolio that jumps out from similar-looking girls makes a big difference.

3) Be organised. Turn up on time, reply promptly to emails, avoid cancelling. If you keep a studio full of people waiting for an hour, then turn up looking hungover, they’re unlikely to book you again. And be polite, enthusiastic & happy on shoots.

4) Know how to pose. It’s not enough to be pretty, you need to know a variety of angles that you look good from. The photographer can help with this (I spend much of the shoot posing models on portfolio shoots) but for a paid shoot you’ll be expected to know what you’re doing, & get great shots quickly without too much direction.

Good Luck!

Matt x


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